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Social media marketing has quickly become a pillar of the digital world – and extensions of your site and brand. It’s now critical that all businesses leverage and harness the power of social media to engage prospects and customers, position themselves as thought leaders, manage customer relationships, nurture customer loyalty, generate brand interest, and ultimately impact their bottom line. Having fresh, compelling and active social media profiles is no longer optional; Consumers expect to engage businesses online in these dynamic channels. As with all online marketing programs, the long game is the best game in social media marketing. Relationships take time to develop, but once nurtured, they take hold and can be life-long experiences. Social media marketing allows companies of all sizes to nurture such relationships. The short and long-term benefits of social media include:

Extend your reach exponentially

Manage important relationships

Monitor and elevate brand reputation

Position your brand as a thought leader

Enhance the SEO visibility of your brand


Developing a long-term strategy to connect with and engage a social audience will allow you to better and consistently present your unique value proposition and competitive strengths, position yourself as a thought leader, build trust, and boost Brand perception among key audience segments. When we construct a long-term social engagement strategy, we focus on the following core competencies to meet key social objectives, all the while applying a conversion-centric approach, so users are converted into qualified leads, business prospects and life-long clients:

Profile Management

Enhanced Social Media Profiles are leveraged as compelling extensions of your brand and website. Your brand profile will be consistently elevated, represented and updated to reflect your brand’s core values and resonate with your social audience.

Content Management

Relevant, compelling content can engage the mind, inspire the heart, and elevate the soul. We develop and broadcast for you the kinds of impactful content that provide value, attract and engage your target audience, frame social conversations, and position you as a thought leader.

Community Management

Striking just the right tone and applying just the right touch can infuse social connections with meaning, purpose and value. We make honest and authentic interactions the cornerstone of our community management and moderation program.

‘I have now worked with Qore Interactive for a year and can say without hesitation that they are worth every penny. Their approach to helping me increase my online presence has been professional, personal, and fully committed. As a plastic surgeon in a busy metropolitan market, I am contacted daily by various businesses claiming to have the ability to “increase patient conversions” or “get you on the first page of Google”. But the owners of Qore Interactive never approached my practice with such impersonal short-sightedness. They had a more comprehensive, long-term and durable plan and the results have truly surpassed my expectations. Qore Interactive is the best of both worlds—they have the ability and know-how of a large company, with the personal attention and availability of a small firm, and I would highly recommend them to any physician interested in growing their practice in a sustainable and professional manner—in short, they are the real deal.’
—-Dr. Shahram S., MD, FACS.


Veteran-founded and expert-run, our vast experience includes having helped a broad spectrum of start-ups & early Internet pioneers
including some of the largest and fastest-growing sites in the country, thrive in a fast-moving, digital world.